Keep safe around food

  • Seafood, meat, egg dishes and all cooked food must be refrigerated immediately once it is cooled.


  • Always reheat food thoroughly. This means to boiling point not just warmed.


  • Never freeze food twice or reheat more than once.


  • Keep raw meat below cooked food in the refrigerator to prevent contamination.


  • ​​Keep one chopping board for meat, one for vegetables and clean  thoroughly in hot soapy water.

  • Food does not last forever. Rotate, replace or use food in the pantry. Clear unused left over food frequently from the refrigerator.

Basic Utensils

       Optional but worth it 

one teaspoon

one tablespoon

one cup

one small sharp knife

one wooden spoon

one whisk

medium sized mixing bowl

crock-pot for long slow unattended cooking

hand held electric stick blender

four cup glass measuring jug with a sturdy handle which makes it very safe for microwaving liquid

oven gloves. Don't use a tea towel!